Like many people, I have a multitude of interests which, in my case, includes : photography, drawing, designing posters,
writing and cosmology.

I studied traditional B/W photo printing and photo portraiture at The Darlington College of Technology, in the 1980's, and my photo work is represented in the permanent photo collections of both UK's : The National Portrait Gallery (in London), and The Picture Library of The Royal Society (also in London).

In addition to the above, I am the creator of the JAMES D ROBINSON TIME CAPSULE which is now housed in the archive department of The Durham County Record Office, in County Durham, England, where it will reside for the next 300 years until it is opened on 21st of March 2317. .
click on : THE JAMES D ROBINSON TIME CAPSULE at the top of this page for further details.)

A link to a small 20 page brochure which I have also created - to help ensure that the time capsule remains within the scope of human knowledge - can also be found at the top of this page under the title : THE JAMES D ROBINSON TIME CAPSULE BOOKLET.

Examples of all my various endeavours will - needless to say - be found on this website and I thank you for taking the time to
visit. Hopefully you will find something of interest.

Should you feel inclined to get in touch, then please feel free to do so using the contact form provided.
PRIVACY POLICY : Any contact information submitted will be treated confidentially.

NOTE : I live in England, and this site also serves as my AUTHOR'S WEB-PAGE where details of my books and their availability can be found.
I am also on FACEBOOK : James Douglas Robinson ( my personal page ) & James D Robinson Books ( my Facebook author's page. )